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Thursday, January 5, 2012

You're a whiner, go with it.

The saga of the medicine.
My health insurance recently changed and now forces me to use “Medco” for all my prescription needs.
This company makes you purchase 90 days worth of whatever medicine you need at a time. Then they mail it to you. Mostly a good thing since it takes them almost 90 days to send the next 3 months worth of medication.
I went to the doctor on December 16th. The doctor faxed a request to them for a medicine the same day. My doctor has a tablet he carries with him and I watched him key and send  the fax.
Anyway, one of the medicines got here January 4th. Is that not more than 2 weeks? What if, say it was INSULIN? (which it was). And I needed it for SURVIVAL? (which I did). And the big answer by all the representatives I have talked to for the last 18 days? “Well it says here it is supposed to ship on the 3rd”.
No shit Sherlock, I can read. Your crappy website told me that 17 DAYS ago. I called you to see WHY it takes 18 days to ship the life saving medication. Also, since my credit card is on speed dial with these people, I was charged 18 days ago.
I could see if this was a great deal I was getting and it just takes a while to start up a routine with this company. But I have 13 medications they do for me and every one of them is this way. Not only is it slow but at Wal-Mart where I was getting this insulin it is $30.00 a bottle with the insurance. Medco gives me 3 bottles for $ 75.00. That is a whopping $ 5.00 per month savings!! The aggravation is free. The blood pressure medicine won’t be though.

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