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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The gratitude train

Murphy continues to bug my world. My brother has been living with me for 2 years, see previous posts. All this time he has had $ 0.00 to contribute. So finally last month Social Security opened its cobweb filled coffers and said it was his time to have $. Ha and I repeat HA. I thought (to myself only) here is my turn to have some recompense. HA and Double Ha Ha   again.
I can't tell you how overcome with joy I was when he informed me of the pending wealth. I had a great time spending that money in my day planner. Unfortunately, that was the only place I would ever get to spend that money because it doesn't exist.
The government sent him several letters stating that they owed him 32,000 buckeroos. He showed them to me and told me he would give me $ 7,000 when he got it.
Then the deductions and explanation letters kept on rolling in until he ended up with $ 2,895.00.
So basically I have supported his butt for 2 years for free. Of his giant windfall he gave me $ 300.00.  I got the greatest feeling in the world from that news.. screwed by Uncle Sam and my brother in one go.
Not that I am ungrateful for $300.00, but think of it this way. I supported him while he had NOTHING. The furniture in his room, his clothes, our toilet paper, power, soap, etc... all came from me.

Now he sits around telling me how he spent $ 65.00 on the car he has driven for 2 years for free, or how he wishes we would not run out all the gas HE put in the tank. Holy shite Muslims, it's all I can do not to scream and strike him. The gratitude train has officially left the building.

He bought himself a bunch of computer shite and gave me his old computer. Then I discovered it has no disc drive. So I can't even play a cd on it.
He had Dish TV set up and has taken over the Internet payment of $ 35.00 per month. Why YES I was paying that these last 2 years also. So nice of you to notice, cause he didn't.
AND we are AGAIN without AC for the summer. That is fine with him I guess. He keeps on keeping on about how he spent (whatever) for something for the house. My responses are mostly grunts. Screaming "F-U asshole" is probably in bad taste.
The other really annoying thing about all this that he thinks he knows what is best for me. He goes out and buys ant killer (the same day I did) but he bought granules and spent $8.00 to my $ 4.00. I know I have ants on the deck Bucky I just can't afford everything the instant I see that I need it. Guess if I had $3,000 instead of $ 300 I could have bought that.
Back during the gubment money fantasy days he decided he would buy an AC unit and have it installed. Because I could not be trusted to go to Home Depot and have it done?
For 2 years everything has been "you just don't know how guilty I feel about not paying for anything" Now it has turned into "let me decide how much you need (evidently 10% is a huge contribution) and when you need something". He actually gave me a lecture about how I just can't be  "Ni--er Rich" with the fantasy money. 
What I can't figure out is where the 2 years of gratitude and humility went. Evidently that was an act.
Anyhow it never rains money in my section, just bullshite.